On September 11, 2001 the efforts of a few evil people caused one of the worst tragedies on US soil. But the efforts of many very wonderful and courageous people showed the world that the US was not to be beaten in spirit. The police and fire departments were the first on the scene and along with the police came their K9 force to assist with search-and-rescue.
     The article that follows is from the September 2002 issue of Readers Digest that we wanted to share with you. The story is just one example of the countless ways that people all over the world found to show their support for those involved in the search-and-rescue:

     "NEW YORK"
     "Preparing to walk onto the green carpet for the Westminster Dog Show, New York police officer Pete Davis felt a wave of emotion. America's most prestigious dog show was breaking tradition to honor over 25 German shepherds, retrievers and other breeds for their tireless work at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon." 
     "The dogs and their handlers had come in from all over the country. As they stepped into the center ring at Madison Square Garden, the announcer detailed their search-and-rescue efforts in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Officer Bobby Schnelle came with Atlas, the first canine on the scene of the Trade Center disaster."
     "(Pete) Davis brought Appollo, who was singled out last year for the American Kennel Club's ACE award for law enforcement. On September 11, the day the winners were supposed to be announced, he was instead called to duty. Caught in the flames while walking on debris after the Towers collapsed, the shepherd survived, and worked through the day."
     "As the NYPD officers and their canines stood before the Westminster crowd at Madison Square Garden, the whole arena of more than 10,000 spectators got on their feet and cheered. The search-and-rescue dogs drew the biggest ovation of the show."                                                             -----BEN WALKER, Associated Press

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