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Ah, Police Dogs! Now here was a challenge that finally replaced the challenge of football, a challenge that provided the physical demands that Gene's superman energy needed an outlet for.
(in case you missed it, Gene is no little lightweight guy!)
Soon, he started training more dogs & officers for Patrol Dogs & Narcotic Dogs, preferring this over obedience & home protection dogs.
Gene has worked with police officers from all over the country as well as setting up K-9 programs throughout the United States. He has imported, trained & sold police K-9's in addition to being an adviser for over 30 years now!
(Wow! That's a REALLY long time, huh?!?)

Gene was the first trainer in this country to promote Dual Purpose Training for Police K-9's. Today, Dual Purpose K-9's are the most requested dogs by police departments.

The K-9's that Gene has trained have the distinction of having some of, if not the largest narcotic finds in this country.

The walls in our training building
are covered with photos of police & their dogs who have purchased their dogs from Gene and/or trained with Gene. Many have won awards or made a "find", etc. They usually come with notes thanking Gene for the work he did & for just being the kind of guy he is.
(I'm very proud of him...can u tell?!?!)
Here's a couple examples of the RAVE REVIEWS that Gene gets:
"I have known Gene England since 1990 when I went through my first K-9 training school with him. I am now on my second dog from Gene.  Our department has purchased numerous K-9's over the years and we have always been pleased with the quality of the dogs, the training, and the maintenance training we have received. Gene's training for the K-9ís, as well as the handlers, make for good teams that perform well out on the street! Gene is honest and stands behind his word.  We have him come to Cookeville once a year for a week long seminar. There's always a big turnout and everyone leaves with better ideas for improving their performance with their dog. 
One of the best things about working with Gene is that you never feel alone - he is always just a phone call away and ready to help you with any problem that you have.  He makes you feel like family.  I would highly recommend Gene for your K-9 program."
Sgt. Pat Sealy, K-9 Coordinator,Cookeville Tennessee Police Department

"For the past 18 years I've owned, handled and trained dogs provided by Gene. Each dog has been delivered to the exact standards and requirements as ordered. I've also known others that Gene has been able to match the dog to the person precisely.
Gene is also an innovator - a trainer's trainer. Many training programs still incorporate methods used in the 60's, but Gene is constantly changing with the needs of modern law enforcement.
Over the years I've seen many poor examples of police dogs on the street, dogs that officers trusted their lives to, dogs that would have let them down. Departments need to realize that there are unscrupulous vendors out there, and that they should shop very carefully prior to investing in a dog from anyone. I know Gene England to be an honest, trustworthy person and his guarantee on his dogs is unparalleled!"Richard Dickson, Commander, Llano Estacado Drug Task Force, Denver City, TX

 I'd like to tell you more about Gene, how he continued to grow his business and about Schutzhund on the next page, but if you just want more info about our police dogs, training programs, etc., just click on the POLICE DOG button...or
you may want to view our photo gallery (including their stories) of the police and their K-9's that we have trained. If so, click on the POLICE & K-9 PHOTO GALLERY button.

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