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In 1978, Gene became interested in the sport of Schutzhund that includes tracking, obedience and protection. He formed the Western Kentucky Schutzhund Club in 1979 and made the 1979 USA's World Team and with his dog, Dito v.d. Noriswand, Sch III, FH, competed in Denmark.

Gene recognized the similarities of the Schutzhund dogs and police K-9's if the dogs were trained correctly. He began importing dogs from Germany from his good friend, Reinhard Lindner, who was one of the instructors at the Custom Dog School in Germany. He learned more about dog behavior, judging the dogs character and how to train the dogs for sport and police dogs from Reinhard than anyone else. That holds true to this day.

Continuing to compete in Schutzhund, Gene made the U.S.A. World Team several times, also winning the 1982 North American Championship, the 1983 Schutzhund III Tournament and the 1984 & 1991 FH Championship & the 1990 World Qualifier. One of the highlights in his competition was finishing first in the International World Championship in Tengen, West Germany in 1992, competing against approximately 400 dogs from all over the world.

He retired from competition in 1992 but continues to train people from throughout the United States. His "students" have competed and won National competitions as well as being World Team competitors themselves.

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"I have known Gene England since 1979.  He is without doubt the best 'dog person' I have met in all my years involved with dog training.  I learned more from Gene England about dogs and dog training than anyone else I have worked with.  He reads dogs better than anyone and knows how dogs react to stimuli.  Gene England uses that knowledge to bring out the best a dog has to offer.  He is also as good as you will find in seeing the capabilities in people too.  He matches training programs to the abilities of both dog and handler to create high performing teams that reach the top.  I heartily recommend Gene England for your dog training needs."... George A. Shumaker, PhD, USA Working Dog Judge #5
"Having known Gene England for over 20 years, I have found him to be one of the more innovative trainers in the sport. Coupled with his teaching skills, he has meant "Success" for many of our sportsman."...
Mark Przyblyski, Director of Judges, USA 
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