( Escambia County is in Florida )
Boy Vom Taubergieben with Susan Rogers-Scott
"Boy" is very inquisitive & a lovable K-9. He is 85 pounds & solid as a rock. He gets in trouble when he tries to throw his weight around & tries to dominate his other K-9 friends. He is very energetic & applies himself fully to the different tasks that Officer Rogers- Scott asks him to perform. "Boy" has big shoes to fill since he will replace K-9 "Valod" & is in training for patrol plus cadaver work.
Don with Tom Watts
In February 1998, Don & Officer Watts were assigned to work patrolling Escambia County as partners. In a short time, Don was successful in finding his first large quantity of narcotics. He has located a large amount of crack cocaine &  is responsible for confiscation of $15,000 in drug money. Prior to working with Don, Officer Watts worked with Targa for the three years prior to Targa's retirement.
Mink with Tim Taylor
Officer Taylor is an Assistant Trainer. Mink is Officer Taylor's fourth K-9 partner & is certified in patrol & narcotics detection. Officer Taylor has had hundreds of patrol & narcotic finds, but one of his most memorable incidents was when he & his K-9 came across a mother with her small child, stopped along the roadside. The child had just come from a session of cancer treatments. He was sick & was crying. When he saw the K-9, he perked up & started laughing. Petting Tim's K-9 helped the child through a tough time.
Vencsavargo Miro with Chris Burks
Miro was purchased from Czechoslovakia in 1999 with drug forfeiture money & is Officer Burks second K-9. They also attended a 480 hour K-9 training course at the Escambia County Sheriff's Office. They have located & arrested several felony suspects & have found illegal narcotics in many cases. Miro works very hard & is always willing to do a good job.
Nero with Ken Simmons
Deputy Sheriff Simmons & his partner Nero began working together in September 1998. They are assigned to the Criminal Patrol Division & their duties range from searching for narcotics, criminal suspects & missing persons. They also do (and enjoy) public demonstrations for the purpose of education. While not on duty, Nero lives with Deputy Simmons, along with his wife & two children. They are very proud that their pet is a police dog.
Rockett with Jeremy Small
Rockett and Deputy Sheriff Small began working together on the streets of Escambia County in September 1998. This team is certified in narcotics & tracking by the United States Police Canine Association & is certified in patrol by the Florida Police Standards Commission. They have captured over 15 wanted fugitives & seized over $50,000 in drugs, money & vehicles.  Rocket was purchased after the untimely death of K-9 Wolf. Wolf was killed while apprehending a criminal. The Warrington Middle School students started a fund called "Pennies For Pups" to raise the funds to purchase a replacement for Wolf. Barrineau Park, Jim Allen, R.C. Lipscomb & Redeemer Lutheran Elementary schools joined Warrington to raise the necessary funds.
Whitney-Wasko with James O'Hara
"Wasko" & Deputy O'Hara attended canine school in June 1998. After 400 hours of schooling they began work on a patrol shift in September 1998. This team works hard to keep the streets safe & the bad guys behind bars. "Wasko" also enjoys working with children. He was purchased with funds from the Whitney Bank.
Yaro Vom Ortenberg with Mike Kessel
Yaro and Officer Kessel completed a 400 hour patrol & narcotics school in February 2000. They are certified to perform patrol work through the Florida Police Standards Commission, & narcotic detection through the United States Police Canine Association. Yaro is trained to detect marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroine & methamphetamine. Yaro also uses his nose to find "bad guys" & missing children. During his time off, Yaro enjoys chasing balls with Officer Kessel's other K-9 Prince, who is retired.

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