OUR FABULOUS FEARLESS HEROS and their stories continue...
Lacy with Sergeant Pat Sealy
Sergeant Sealy joined the Cookeville Police Department in 1981 and has been a K-9 Handler for over 10 years. Lacy is the second Narcotics K-9 that Pat has worked with. Lacy is a black lab and has been with the Department since January of 1999.
Sampson with Officer Luke Blaser
Officer Luke Blaser and K-9 Sampson make up the East Moline Police Department's K-9 Team. They have been paired since November of 1999, shortly after Sampson arrived from Hungary. The two trained together for almost three months in Kentucky prior to being assigned to the Patrol Division working with Narcotics Detection, Building Searches, Tracking and Area Searches.
Rex & Rocky began their Law Enforcement careers in 2002 - Valko in 2002. They are all certified through the United States Police Canine Association & are trained in narcotics, detection, tracking, plus all phases of criminal apprehension.
Okaloosa County is in Florida.

Dear Gene,
     Hi! My name is Mike Gilmore and I'm with the Escambia County Florida Sheriffs Office. I've met you twice on trips I have made to your home along with my Sgt., Susie Rogers-Scott. In November of 2000 I was selected to be a K9 handler with our agency. In two weeks after being selected we made trips to pick up dogs from you. The first trip I walked through the kennel and my first attention went to a sable dog who was going absolutely crazy. This dog was mostly black but he really caught my eye. Well we didn't buy that dog that trip but I couldnt get my mind off of him. Our second trip up I got to see him again. He acted rather psycho but you assured us when you opened the gate that he would change his attitude. Well you were right...he did. Susie ended up buying him as well as another dog you had. I had my heart set on him but I was told that another handler, Officer Mike Mayne who had lost his dog to a shooting would get first pick. Mike picked Don, the other dog, and I got the one I wanted from the start! This black dog was Bruno z Ev-Pa.
Bruno & I  hit the streets in 2001 after a 400 hour class with Sgt Susie. Our first night we tracked over three blocks to locate two Home Invasion suspects who had beaten a man who was confined to a wheelchair. Man, Bruno made me proud right out of the gate! As the year went on we located several suspects and took 2nd place overall on the local narcotics certification. For the year 2001, we took top narcotics dog for our agency with 55 finds in only 10 months. Bruno became the dog that dope dealers hated to see pull up on the scene as they knew he would find it if it was hidden anywhere nearby. Bruno also took 2nd place at two different local PD1 trials held by Susie, and did very well at the regionals in Daytona. No matter how bad I looked, Bruno always made me look like a pro.He became the partner I never knew I was missing.
       On August 9th of this year, Bruno died of natural causes. My best friend was gone physically but never from my heart and he will be missed greatly.
       I believe my department has approved the money for me to purchase a new dog, and I'm looking forward to coming up again to get a new partner. Gene, I want to say "THANKS" for bringing Bruno into my life. He was a true trooper, who was loyal, never fussed about doing his job and would never leave you hanging when it came time to Rock and Roll!

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