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Gene began importing dogs from Germany and is very particular about the quality of the dog for police work. He believes in quality, not quantity.

Our dogs must pass stringent guidelines and believe you me, Gene is a stickler for quality! The dogs have to be high in drive with sound nerves and must be sociable. Gene's integrity for the quality of the K-9's has brought him repeat business after repeat business.

Advance Canine Academy dogs all have a one year health guarantee and all training is guaranteed as well!

We offer "green" dogs, as well as fully trained dual or single purpose K-9's for police service work. Classes for handler training are available for K-9's purchased through Advance Canine Academy. Our Detector K-9's can be trained for bomb work or passive/aggressive narcotic detection.

Our patrol and dual purpose K-9's are imported from Europe: German Shepherd Dogs, Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. Titled and untitled dogs are available.

Please Note: Due to the overwhelming demand for dogs since the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, our list is too difficult to keep current.  Please call or email us for the most up-to-date list of dogs that are available...
to request a special dog.

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In case you're looking for a dog that we've previously posted for sale, they're probably on our sold dog list.



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Sergeant Sealy & K-9 Lacy

Police Officers Praise Gene England & The Advance Canine Academy

"I have known Gene England since 1996. As of the first of May 2001,  I have purchased and assisted other departments in purchasing over forty (40) K-9's from Gene. From 1983 to 1995, I dealt with many other vendors for K-9's before finding out about Gene and Advance Canine Academy. I have solely purchased dogs from Gene since 1996 because the the quality of dogs that he sells, because of his honesty and integrity and because he stands behind any problems you might have.  I have trained with Gene and attended many of his seminars. The seminars are very motivational and Gene gives his all during every hour of the day. He is only a phone call away and is always willing to help with any training problem that may arise. I would highly recommend him for your K-9 program."
Sgt. Susie Rogers - Scott, K-9 Coordinator
Escambia County Sheriff's Office, Florida

"I have known Gene England since 1990 when I went through my first K-9 training school with him. I am now on my second dog from Gene.  Our department has purchased numerous K-9's over the years and we have always been pleased with the quality of the dogs, the training, and the maintenance training we have received. Gene's training for the K-9's, as well as the handlers, make for good teams that perform well out on the street! Gene is honest and stands behind his word.  We have him come to Cookeville once a year for a week long seminar. There's always a big turnout and everyone leaves with better ideas for improving their performance with their dog. 
One of the best things about working with Gene is that you never feel alone - he is always just a phone call away and ready to help you with any problem that you have.  He makes you feel like family.  I would highly recommend Gene for your K-9 program."

Sgt. Pat Sealy, K-9 Coordinator
Cookeville Tennessee Police Department

This is Ruff again - sure would love to tell you about some of the other officers and their police dogs that we've trained...they're all my heros! You can click here to see their photos and read their stories...

Police & K9 Photo Gallery
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