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I love to talk about Verice...Nessie's & my "Mama". In addition to her most important job of keeping us in line and well fed, she is a very active part of our Advance Canine Academy.

In her past life she was a Dental Hygienist but was disabled by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Back to school she went and got her Kentucky Real Estate Broker's License. (She's so smart!) Needless to say she's a very busy to the world of real estate every day, then home to work at the Academy.

Verice has always been an animal lover..."it just followed me home" type person. And guess what? Animals love her too! Especially me!

She loves obedience training dogs (works with Nessie in the Schutzhund world), but her forte is raising puppies, in which she takes great pride and joy!

"My puppies usually know their on names by 4 weeks in age and come to me as I call each one"Verice England
When Verice first said that, it came as quite a surprise to her husband as well as to other trainers because they had never seen that happen before!
"She is excellent with puppies, the best I've ever seen."
Gene England
Verice considers this to be her greatest compliment, especially coming from her renowned dog trainer husband!

We guarantee our puppies to pass OFA certification at 2 years of age and for males, that the testicles will drop. Our puppies are all AKC registered and are guaranteed to be healthy.

There sure is a lot of excitement around our house whenever a litter is almost due and then after the births, lots & lots of work...all done with lots of love and organization. If you'd like me to tell you more about our working with the puppies, just click right here! But be sure to come back to read about our "Mom's & Dad" of our litters plus a few notes we've gotten from some of our puppy owners

Say, if this all sounds good to you right now, then just give us a call or send us an email so we can let you know about out upcoming litters - we only breed a few select litters.

Zwinger von Windweg German Shepherds

Our Magnificent German Stud Dog:

Eddy von Elsenzer See, SchH III, KKL I.

Our Brood Bitch:

Omega Pet-Keram, SchI, KKL1
"Megi" is our black and dark tan bitch from Slovakia. She has strong bone and a masuline head. Megi bites like a male and is very pronounced in her protection work. She has extreme ball drive and a super temperament. Megi is an experienced mother and is just great with her puppies!
Megi's Pedigree

See Megi in Action Shots
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Here's what a few of our past puppy owners have said about us:

"We were most impressed with the attention to details and quality: the kennels were immaculate, the research into each sire and bitch thorough, the careful screening of each potential owner resulting in not only a good puppy match but also the pup's future in a caring, appropriate home. All of the above ensured a healthy, intelligent and vivacious companion and friend."
Michael & Marianne Abicht
Proud Puppy Owners in Bolivar, Ohio

 "We have been very pleased with our experience in buying a puppy from Advance Canine/von Windeweg Kennels. 
Argus has a very stable temperament and great working drives.  He is truly a balanced dog - striking to look at and a joy to train.  It is always a pleasure to deal with Verice and Gene." 
Kari and Rich Cowart
Canton, Georgia 

"I bought Eika as a brood bitch and her puppy, Hatja from Advance Canine and was very pleased with the easy transition both dogs made into our family. Eika has bonded with me and especially so with my daughter.  Eika has acclimated to the house and sleeps in my bedroom every night. She's a perfect lady with a sweet temperament. Hatja is a bold, curious pup and has won every one's hearts. She is well house broken at 5 months!  Hatja and Eika love to ride in the car and come almost everywhere with me.  I brought Echo and Eika to my recent horse clinic and every one loved them.  Eika was obedient and did well the long weekend. 
I've already had a lady wanting to put down a deposit on a pup!
   It was such a pleasure to deal with Gene.  He is prompt with paper work and he honestly represents his dogs."

Marisa & Larry Shaw
Rupert, VT
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