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Oh those puppies, fun to have around & even more fun to find good homes for...

Everything is prepared in the whelping room for the pups arrival. Verice does an awful lot of laundry once the puppies are whelped because she likes them to have towels instead of newspaper in the whelping box! A regular routine now begins with the puppies & continues until they are placed in their new homes.

Verice sure spends an awful lot of time with those puppies! She & Gene begin their observations of the pups from the time they are born. Once their ears open, Verice starts conditioning them to different noises & each puppy learns it's "colored collar" name. When the pups are old enough to go outside, they begin to learn about housebreaking. Then they start their crate training & learn about the grooming routine - brushing, ear cleaning & toenail trimming. The puppies all experience being "on lead" too.

They start being socialized at an early age & before leaving us they get to meet me and Nessie, plus my good cat friend, Socks. I have to be patient everyday & wait my turn with Mama, but sooner or later I know those puppies are going to come to ME to ask me to show them around our place. I get to tell them all about those RABBITS! Of course Nessie has to get in on the act too! She's crazy for her toys...she thinks her job is teaching the puppies all about retrieving & coming lickity split when called. (She really is a good teacher though & I should know 'cause she taught me lots of stuff too!)

 One of the main things Gene says that Verice does is to get the puppies into a routine early on. This also helps as the puppies go to their new homes. She wants "the babies" to experience many different things before they leave us - even like walking on different types of surfaces.

At seven weeks of age, Verice arranges for qualified people to administer the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. She & Gene use the results of this testing, along with the daily observation of each pup to determine which type of home each puppy will  be best suited for. Here at Zwinger von Windweg German Shepherds, we like to match the puppies to their new owners! This helps assure that people are getting the type puppy that they want - an older person might NOT be happy with a high drive puppy. In fact, if they think someone might not "be right" for one of their pups, Gene and Verice refer them elsewhere. They are just concerned that each puppy has a REALLY good home!

So, if you like what I've told you so far, go on back to our puppy page for details on our stud dog, our brood bitches, check out the pups we have for sale, read about our guarantees AND look at what some of our puppy owners have said... BACK TO MAIN PUPPY PAGE

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