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I wasn't around at the time, but I'm told that Gene sold his old kennel in Bowling Green, KY in 1998 and built a new kennel in Scottsville, KY in 1999 which is also where I live with Gene, Verice, Nessie and their wide assortment of dogs, cats and horses. By the way, Scottsville is just "down the road a piece" from Bowling Green.

We own 88 acres & I love every bit of it! Beautiful land with woods, open fields, our home, a kennel, a barn, a 40x80 training building and our fenced sport field that's the size of a football field with permanent wood blinds. There's even an old house that Gene uses with his police dog work. One of the things Nessie & I like best is all the wildlife we get to see...deer, wild turkeys...and RABBITS! Love those RABBITS!
When the city dogs come for training, Nessie & I get a kick out of watching them watch the wildlife...it's so peaceful here...except when we see those RABBITS!

So - here we go with our list of services...hey if there's something you need that's not on this list, just send us an email, call or write. If we can't help you, we'll find someone who can.

  • Import Service
We can import your police K-9, your Schutzhund dog or breeding stock. Contact us with your requirements and let us find you the dog you are looking for.
  • Training
We offer Schutzhund Training for you and your dog - group or private.

We offer Schutzhund Title Training for your dog - if you don not have the time to title your dog, allow ACA to train your dog for a BH, SchH I, II or III.

We offer full Police Service Dog Training for both the handler and the K-9 for Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotic K-9's, Straight Narcotic K-9's & Bomb Detector K-9's.
Narcotic K-9's can be trained for either aggressive or passive indication.

Please contact us for further details.

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Our kennel name is Von Windweg - Please Click for Current Information
To Contact Us:
670 Spears Road
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Phone: 270.618.8402 or Cell: 270.791.8402
Fax: 270.618.8407
Email: advanck9@nctc.com

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